Potty Time?

Well, we may are shooting for the moon, but we’re thinking of introducing Joel to a potty!  This may not work yet, or it may, but I guess it can’t hurt to see what he makes of it.  He’s going to be 16 months soon and we’re going to read all about methods etc… when our book arrives.

Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty (Blue)

This is the potty we’ve gone for.  There are more expensive ones and there are cheaper ones.  I just liked the idea of the handle and spouty bit for draining.  And the video made me laugh as they demonstrate how easy it is pour away liquid and solids!  (Demonstrated by prunes!!)

And we’ve bought the book by this lady rather than Gina Ford as we don’t think it’s something that will happen in a week and I don’t want to be berated for that!  (Saying that, I did find some elements to her baby routines useful when Joel was younger).
Potty Training Boys

So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  I’m not stressed about it.  I’m just a bit interested to see what Joel makes of it to be honest.


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