And Holiday No 2!!!

I’ve come to realise, that no holiday with a baby/toddler will ever be actually relaxing.

It’s like life goes on as before, but just in a different place which causes stress with all the stuff and paraphanelia you have to take with you.  It causes a back log of washing on one’s return and loading the car with everything, and it’s more than just a little stressful!

That said, it’s not all bad.  It was nice to be away and to not think about work, and have all that me and Joel time that I’ve missed so much since going back.  It was nice to not have hot sunny weather every day.  (Another thing thats a worry with a baby and covering up and putting on sun screen!)

It was also lovely to hang out with my sisters and new baby Martha and Theo and Isaac.

It was quite sweet that Joel was very jealous of the attention his grandparents gave Martha, Isaac and Theo and he would want to be held whenever my Dad had Martha and he cried when he saw me giving Martha a cuddle.  He did not like it!!

Joel decided this week he would become a walker (whether it’s from being inspired by his 4 year old cousins I dno’t know) but he suddenly wanted to walk and toddle everywhere which was very cute!  He can walk a long way now (well, along the whole house) and negotiate corners.  My baby is now a toddling boy!

We had fun on the beach at Llanbedrog, visited the Rabbit Farm with cute fluffy animals and puppies to hold which I loved but Joel did not!  He sort of stroked a rabbit, but cried at the goats, sheep, ponies, llamas and puppies!  He smiled at some cute piglets, but when the big ugly mama came along he sat down in shock and began to yell!!  I couldn’t help but laugh as it was funny.

We also went on a boat trip and I kept him fastened in my back pack which worked well.  I needed my hands free to clamber aboard, and it kept me balanced as the boat bobbed on the trip to see seals and birds.  Joel got a bit upset at points but waved to the animals that we could see.

The beach was popular again, and digging sandcastles beat paddling.

And Grandma and Grandad’s dinghy was a fun new toy for him too.

And he loved following Theo and Isaac around and trying to play their games!  They were hiding behind the chairs in the lounge on the last day and Joel went and hid with them!  It was so very cute!

The only bad bit that was depressing was the coming home and knowing it was coming to an end and I had to return to work.  Booo.  I’m just waiting to hear about my second part time work request at the moment.  I should have a meeting by the end of the month so fingers crossed this one goes better!


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