Chirping Morning Bird….

I don’t know what it is about mornings that makes Joel so happy.

I guess I used to be a morning person.  I enjoyed waking up and having a stretch, that first cup of tea and getting on with the day and I was up earlyish – 6am on a week day, and 8am on a weekend.

But now, it’s like I need just that little bit more sleep, and at about 6.15 I’m woken up by him shouting, and singing, and chirping to himself in his cot!  I roll over and try to zone the sounds out but can’t get back to sleep.  He’ll be happy and chirrup for about half an hour before you either hear yells of ‘I’m awake parents, come and get me’ or pushing grunts meaning he’s filling his nappy earlier than normal!

Either way, thats my signal to actually get up and out of bed myself!  I can poke Steve in the shoulder for all I’m worth, he ignores me and he ignores the noisy baby.  Except at weekends when he knows I’ll flip out and yell for all I’m worth if he thinks he can get away with ignoring him when I need one morning of a lie in.  (Steve slept in till after 9am yesterday!! – and then has the gall to tell me he’s still tired, I don’t think so).

So on getting up my joints feel creaky, my knees and feet ache, my eyes feel blurry and my hair is a birds nest on top of my head.  I stagger into Joel’s room trying to remove the knickers wedgie and sort my pj’s out as they’ve ridden up and there he is.

Mr Happy.

His face breaks into a big beaming smile.  He puts his arms up to be lifted out of the cot and he gives me a cuddle and a kiss (well, his version of a toothy, wide mouthed, sloppy kiss anyway!) and he points to the door and says ‘uh uh’ (meaning ‘carry me downstairs to play Mummy’) and when I take him to have his nappy changed he cries as it means playtime has to wait for two minutes, then as we walk down the stairs he smiles and laughs and shouts to hear his echo at a certain point and kisses me and giggles.

By the time I’ve put the kettle on for my cup of tea, and we’re sharing a bowl of shreddies I’m more awake and I think that I’d miss this time if I didn’t have it any more.  But then I think, we’d have it anyway even if it were 15 minutes later starting!!

I get a lie in tomorrow though.  And I need it!!


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