The weather here has been atrocious for what feels like weeks.

This morning however, the sun shone for a little interlude and we jumped at the chance to go out in it.

And I’m glad we did as it’s back to bleak rain again now.

We headed to Cannock Chase and took Izzy for a good long walk in the sunshine with Joel in his backpack (which he seems to enjoy) and after a good bout of climbing hills and generally exhausted Izzy with ball throwing we then sat outside the Barley Mow at Milford for a spot of lunch together.  It was really nice.

Then we called in at my parents to say hello to my sister and her twins as they’re in Stafford for a wedding.  Joel loves seeing older kids play but was getting a bit in the way of them having fun on the big slide in the garden.  He kept sitting at the bottom of it and trying to climb up whereas they were coming down at a rate of knots and threatening to knock him over so we came back so he could nap.

I really really hope that it dries up for our holiday!!  Camping in the rain is not what I have in mind for us!


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