I have to say that Joel is a confident little fellow.  It’s lovely to see him.  He hasn’t really had a shy phase yet and is eager to explore life and situations.

I just wish he’d have the confidence to step out and try taking more steps!  Now he’ll walk the length of the house with one hand touching a wall, he’ll climb up onto the furniture and down again quite happily.

He’s shaking his head for no, and nodding for yes, and saying ‘da’ for thank you.

And he doesn’t look like a baby anymore.  He’s a little boy and full of hugs and kisses.  When he’s toddling about or excited about something, he screams with joy and his four visible teeth gleam at me!!  He loves to brush his teeth.  We do it together and he gets cross if I help him to much.

It’s been lovely having these few days off and relaxing and having the energy to play with him rather than rushing off to work in a morning and enjoying evenings with him when he’s a bit more grumpy before bed time.

And it’s two weeks until our family holiday and if the rain should ever decide to stop then I imagine it’ll be very pleasant in a tent all together!  However, if it doesn’t goodness knows!  We’ll be having a wash out!


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