Tiny Dancer

Joel is a baby on the small side.  He’s petite and neat and sweet!

And he loves music.  He hears music and claps along, a rhythm and bops, and he looks so cute standing up doing his little baby dancing.

He’s standing on his own quite a bit now, and yesterday stood up on his own away from furniture and looked so proud of himself.  He just has to realise he can move his feet!  They stay stuck on the floor as he either topples forward into arms or onto the floor (a bit of a game for him now) or goes backwards onto his bottom!

The other night I couldn’t find any clean sleepsuits (I’m so behind on washing) and grabbed a pair of pyjamas from another drawer which he’s never worn as I kept him in sleepsuits instead.  they fitted him perfectly so I was a bit taken aback to see they were a size 6-9 months!  I’m not worried as 12-18m vests fit him well so I guess these pjs must be on the larger size, but he looks adorable in them!

This morning on the drive into work (I had Mum’s car for the day) I was singing Queen songs (Somebody to Love) and heard Joel clapping me and giggling with smiles as he loved the singing!! 

My little one man baby audience!!


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