Lurgy Strikes Again

I don’t know what it is at the moment.  Well, I do, but I can’t do much about it.

Working full time is making me feel like poop.

I’m tired, run down, washed out, fed up, (and many more negative things).

I’ve not blogged for ages.  I’m too tired and don’t feel that I have anything interesting to say.  Life is going by so quickly and I’m missing it due to this lurgified stupor I’ve been in for weeks.

Well over a week ago I got a sore throat, then a runny nose, then a full blown congested head cold (which fell on the bank holiday Tuesday) and has left me feeling low and blue and bleurgh since then.

I had the three days last week off as sick leave.  It’s really busy at the moment so last week was a better time to try and get better which hasn’t happened so I’m sat at work feeling pressure in my ears, blowing my nose, and just feeling miserable.  There have been tears as well.  I’m not doing my job well, I’m too tired at home, I’m just feeling rather unhappy at the moment.

I’m getting ready to apply again for job share.  I feel that I’ll be cross if it’s upheld this year as the reasons they cited to reject me last time are the same this year and I’ll feel that a year of my life has been subject to misery because of it.  I’ll also be cross if it’s rejected again as I don’t believe their reasons for turning me down are valid.  So I’m going to be cross either way but if I get what I want in the long run it’ll be worth it.

So that’s my moany post for the week.  My next musings will be about Joel and his attempt to walk.  Which haven’t happened yet!!


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