We love a bank holiday we do!

And in this house, we are fans of the royal family, thus a jubilee bank holiday is right up our street!!

We don’t have too many plans.  Saturday we met up with my cousins to see our Great Aunt (and their great great aunt!!) then went to Trentham Gardens for lunch and took them to see the monkeys.

Here’s some pics of Joel who loved waving the little flag around after having a browse of the menu first!:

Today being Sunday we’ll be heading to Church.  Both Steve and I are playing in the worship group.  There was meant to be a Churches Together picnic in the town after the services BUT the weather is a bit of a wash out.  So if it picks up we’ll probably go along there, but could stay at Church if not.  We’ll see!

Tomorrow my parents street is having a street party!  A proper one, so they’ve said we could go there and I would love for Joel to attend a proper street party in his lifetime.  I’m sure I went to one when I was in a buggy so around 1980ish.  Maybe it was Charles and Diana’s wedding or something?

And on Tuesday, we’re off to Wales for Theo and Isaacs Jubilee/sports day themed fourth birthday party!

We’ll all be dressing up in appropriate colours too!  It’s lovely to see all the houses with flags and bunting out, and the town looks so festive as well!   It’d be nice to keep it up permanently!

I popped into town at the end of the day yesterday to see whether I could grab some bunting from the pound shop as that was the only place I’d seen any, but it was all sold out.  You could get union jack flip flops but not flags!

When I headed back into the town centre, there were little stalls shutting down, so I went over, and said I’d offer to pay for their bunting if they didn’t need it!  The folks I spoke to were actually hosting a borough council stall, said they didn’t know what would happen to their bunting anyway, and gave it to me for nothing!  And a giant union jack flag, and some red, white and blue balloons!  I was very chuffed, and brought it all home and hung the bunting up outside.  (I used a ladder and it was a bit wobbly and fell over, but I managed to leap to safety and landed in my magnolia bush!!)

The flag is also hanging out of Joel’s window.  I shall have to see whether it’s all still there after the breezy night we had!

Jubliee everyone!!


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