Stressful Nightmare of an Afternoon

Today began with me feeling a bit itchy and tickly at the back of my throat.  My throat felt a bit sore and I just presumed it was hayfever, so took an anti-histimine (as I used to do regulalry before Joel) and thought nothing more of it.

Come midday, I was tired.  So tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I think I may have even dozed off at my desk, waking suddenly when my head fell down.

So, I used 1/2 a days precious annual leave (leaving me only one further 1/2 day) to go home and have a sleep as I wasn’t functioning normally at all!

I fell into a deep sleep, with a crazy dream where I was watching the olympic flame go by, but caught the eye of Lord Seb Coe (who looked like Hugh Jackman) and we had a passionate kiss that made the front pages of the tabloids the next day, wondering who the mystery woman snogging Lord Coe was!!  Most peculiar indeed.

Anyway, I was rudely awakened at 5pm by my alarm (thank goodness I had the presence of mind to set it) and I hurled myself out of the house and heard the door slam behind me, at which moment I realised I’d not picked up my keys.

I decided the first thing to do was collect Joel, as it was nearing the end of the nursery day and I didn’t want to be fined, nor leave Joel there till last!

So having taken Izzy with me for the walk, and come back with Joel, we went to try the back door.  Soemtimes we leave it unlocked, with a key in the lock but today it was properly locked with the key hanging out of sight.  I guess that was good if burgulars decided to come calling, but for me today it was the last straw.

Being locked out of your own home, with a baby is horribly stressful.

I decided to leave Izzy in the garden, and opened the shed for her, put a blanket down and hoped that she would be ok, not bark and annoy the neighbours, and not jump the fences to find us.

I took Joel in his pushchair and we went to Asda for supplies.  I got a small pack of nappies, a pack of wipes, some bananas, strawberries (he likes fruit in a morning), clean knickers for me, and some ready done milk bottles for Joel, and some straws for him to drink it with!  We then walked along to the Travel Lodge nearest us and I rang Mum and Dad to check that they’d not put a key safe in their garden (which was their plan as Dad kept locking himself out) but they hadn’t and Joel began to cry as he was hungry (again) and I was crying because I was stressed, and Mum was stressed in Wales and Dad kept asking whether I could find a small child to put through the open bathroom window who could find the keys!!!  I ended up snapping at Dad that I didn’t know any small children, and if I did I wouldn’t want to put them through a window, and saying I’d call them back once me and Joel were settled with food.

I was in a right state by this point, Joel was howling, and I kept popping strawberries in his mouth to keep him going, and we got to Pizza Hut and I must have looked such a mess, he was crying, I was crying, I’d got him out of the buggy and was struggling with nappies, baby and bags, and the staff were lovely.  They sat me down, got a high chair, brought Joel a bowl of spaghetti bolognese straight away, and a tap water in a cup with a lid and straw.  We shared a salad bowl so he had something to nibble as well, and we were able to sort ourselves out!!

We then had a call from Mum to say a couple from Church said we could go there to wait for Steve and they live just next to Pizza Hut, so that was good.  Steve’s friend Joe, went to check on Izzy and rang me to say she was find and seemed happy enough in the garden so that was a relief.

And once we were at the couple’s house, we had chocolate biscuits and cups of tea, watched a film and then Steve got back earlier for 11.15 which was good.

I’m going to get more spare keys cut.  This situation can never happen again!  It’s just too awful!!  🙂


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