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Anyone who knows me should know I’m not an exercise sort of girl.  I don’t do gyms.  I’ve never dieted.  I just try to be sensible with what I eat and walk a lot.  And to be fair, that did sort of work for me for many years.  It’s just that since I’ve had Joel, even though I walk a lot (3-4 miles a day) I think I eat a lot too.

I was looking at photographs of when I had Joel, and comparing them with recent pictures.  I realised that I’d not really put on a lot of excess weight with pregnancy and once my bump had reduced I looked almost normal (save the saggy tummy of course!!) but over the winter, somewhere, somehow, the weight had crept back on and possibly more besides.

I know I haven’t been eating that sensibly.  Portion control has gone a bit skewiff with being extra hungry all the time.  Lack of time to cook proper food and think about menus has gone.  Many evenings I resorted to eggy bread, which is fried, but tasty.  Many other evenings if I were too tired to cook, or hadn’t been shopping Steve would go for a take away.

Before you know it, weight is there and parts are chubbier.

But I don’t want to just let myself go and slide into chunky oblivion.  I want to get myself fit and back to my wedding day weight which is about right for me.  I wasn’t thin, I’ve never been (nor ever will be) skinny.  But I want to see photos and think that I don’t look fat on them, where I don’t have extra ‘face’ and double chins, and where I feel good about myself.

So, with that all said I went jogging last night.  I had planned to go last week and bought a sports bra (this should demonstrate how serious I am as they’re not cheap for the larger busted), trainers and jogging trousers.  I didn’t even own any sporty clothes before last week!!

But sickness and diarreah caught me and I was bed and toilet ridden for 36 hours.  Then on Thursday (my next planned day of fitness) it was my birthday and who wants to start a fitness regime on their birthday?!

So this week it was and I dutifully changed into my gear when I got home from work, ate a little meal to keep me going, sorted Joel out with dinner, and got him ready for bed, then left Steve in and took Izzy with me.

And I certainly didn’t break any records.  Nor did I run the whole way.  It was more of a minutes jog, then a walk.  Then a jog, then a walk.  I went up hills as fast as I could and it was fun running with Izzy. She seemed to enjoy it.  I was out for 40 minutes and was a crimson as a beetroot and sweaty to boot, so let myself in through the back door and headed straight for the shower without letting Steve see me.

I feel ok today so the next jogging night is planned to be Thursday.

And I’ve not weighed myself at all yet, but may pop to the pharmacy at the Uni tomorrow for a proper weigh to see where I’ve got to, and where I’ve got to get to to be happy with my figure again.


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