It’s My Birthday!

Hmm, ok, I seem to have almost missed a week of blogging!

On Monday I went to work as normal and felt a bit funny just before going to invigilate an exam at work (these things we sometimes have to do!!  At least I get to take my Kindle!!)

After lunch I began to feel decidedly worse so excused myself for the day and came home to bed feeling queasy and nauseous.  Sure enough, a couple of hours later I was horribly sick and then spent the next six hours rushing to the toilet with an upset tummy as well.

Joel and Steve have been fine so why I was struck down I don’t know.  My parents have both caught it too and been sick and poorly worse than I was!  I think it must be a bug rather than something I ate.

I stayed off on Tuesday, having not slept well, being achey and not sure my tummy was right again.  I didn’t eat all day, till about 4pm when I ate a piece of toast.  That being ok, I then realised I was starving and cautiously ate some pasta which stayed in.  I was very dehydrated and then drank lots of water, had a thumping headache and went to bed with some painkillers.

Wednesday I woke up feeling normal and fine so went back to work!  I collected Joel from nursery at the end of the day and had to sign an accident form as he had scratches all across his face from another baby.  Apparently he’d tried to take a dummy off the baby (it had a giant winnie the pooh head) and this kid had retaliated with a swipe that left Joel all marked poor thing.  They told me he wasn’t phased and he was quite ok about it all.

Today he seemed to have another scratch so whether that’s from him or another baby they couldn’t tell me.  They assumed it to be the same one, but it was far more red and looked more blood like than yesterday.  I’d hate to think it was happening more than once.  I shall enquire tomorrow.

Anyway, yes siree!  Today is my birthday!  I had a lovely morning.  Steve bought me flowers (and nice ones!  not dyed carnations!) and a camera, and a bottle of Prosecco!  Then Joel got me Downton Abbey on DVD.  I even had nice cards!  Steve had done well.  I got money to buy a new waterproof coat with, vouchers, make up, chocolates, lots of lovely cards and I also got a new phone as I extended my contact with virgin and it all came on the same day!  So I’m rather chuffed with it all!  And we nipped to a local pub for tea rather than me having to cook!  We had an Indian buffet and Joel ate a naan bread and most of my rice and we shared an ice cream for pudding.

Steve even managed to be awake enough this morning to sit up and watch me open my presents with Joel’s help which was nice as last year he ignored me, tried to keep sleeping and we had a big argument which left me having a horrid birthday.  Joel wasn’t 4 weeks old, and I needed to go to the breast feeding support group and was sleep deprived and struggling and Steve wasn’t helpful at all and hadn’t got me a birthday present saying I could go shopping afterwards with him but it was a strained day as I didn’t know what I wanted and buying it myself isn’t the same as something wrapped and bought in advance.  So I just got a watch that broke soon after which seemed to typify that birthday.

And tomorrow I’m going to a friends wedding evening do with the girls from work, so Steve is on  Joel watch and I can have a drink and dance, on Saturday we’re going to Freddie’s birthday party before dropping Joel at my parents for the weekend and heading to Warwick for the weekend with a meal out and a night at a hotel and a day in Stratford on Sunday.  I’m so very excited and can’t wait although I’ll miss Joel to bits.  I know he’ll be fine with Grandma and Grandad.

This year beats last year hands down.  🙂


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