Wet and Wild Weekend

And by that I mean the weather!

We went to Wales with our church and we had it all.  Sunshine (albeit briefly), rain (lots of it) snow, hail, winds, mists and that was all in one day!!  I was very glad we’d booked a caravan rather than the original plan of our tent for the weekend!

With all the stuff we had to pack (including Steve’s guitar and my keyboard) we couldn’t fit the travel cot in, so just took the mattress as Joel has been sleeping on a mat at nursery and I thought it would do for a couple of nights if I made him a little bed on the floor knowing he wouldn’t roll off a higher up bed.

The caravan itself was lovely.  Huge, with a toasty fire and three bedrooms.  We were staying with our friends and their daughter, the same age as Joel and they’re good friends.  It was lovely to see them playing together.

The first night there Joel went to sleep happily on his ‘nest’!  I took a single duvet and folded it, then he had his cot mattress and blankets and he slept well till about 2am and began crawling about and headbutting the wall!  This woke him up and so he came into bed with us and proceeded to cough into my face until morning!

The second night it was really cold and snowed and Joel came into bed with us to start with and we all slept a lot better.

A funny thing that happened was that Joel kept wanting to go to the fireplace and I’d said ‘no’ very firmly and from that point onwards everytime he went near the fire he’d burst into tears and look as though he were fighting himself and want to touch it but know that he wasn’t meant to and the thought of it made him cry!  If that’s the start of knowing right from wrong I’m impressed that he stuck to what I said, even though it wasn’t what he wanted!  He’s done it since being home as well!!

His worried ‘I want to touch the fire’ face

Since being home he’s been very sleepy and napped for five hours yesterday!  We’ve got another busy weekend coming up and after that the plan is to just have a couple of weekends to not do anything and just rest up at home.

I’ve been off today, and next week we have the bank holiday so I’ve yet to do a five day week but the job application went in and I’m hoping and praying that it will all go my way.  Without getting overly excited of course!


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