Batch Cooking

I’m finding I’m too tired after a day at work to be bothered with cooking, and if I were to ask Steve to help he’d just take it as an excuse to go out and get takeaway which I don’t really want on a daily basis so the answer was batch cooking.

Saturday morning I put a chicken casserole in my slow cooker with stock and vegetables.  I cooked up a huge pot of beef mince which then became a pot of chilli and a shepherds pie, and then a fish pie with spinach.  I felt very Nigella!!

And today i was at work and came home to shepherds pie which me and Joel sat and ate ours first, and Steve had his later but it was all ready, and tasty and we just microwaved what we wanted in portions and there’s more left for tomorrow.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that weekly.  This weekend I’ll not have any time to do any of this type of cooking so next week’s menu doesn’t bode well!!


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