Tantrum Territory?

I’ve been noticing a slight change in Joel’s temperament these past couple of weeks. Not so long ago for example, if he drained his bottle and sucked the bit of air to indicate it was empty, he’d be like ‘ok, it’s gone, no worries’. And he’d just get on with it! These days it seems to be the end of the world and he will burst into tears, with big fat tears that instantly begin rolling down his cheeks, and he’ll gasp and hold his breath as he’s just so upset something’s not there and then he’ll let me have it with a huge bellow of a cry. He can get quite inconsolable. Mere distraction is not sufficient to help him now.

This has happened so far with the draining of a bottle, being told he can’t have more chocolate (and Steve doesn’t help here with munching Easter Egg in front of him), having the i-phone or i-pad taken off him, or the remote control.

I think we’re at the beginning of discipline requirements and I’m pretty sure Steve will be good cop and he’ll leave the bad cop role to me. It seems to be going that way as he’ll give Joel more chocolate when crying to stop him crying and it’s not a good start!!

And then I feel torn because I just want him to be happy but I don’t want to spoil him and there’s such a fine line between a treat and all the time and a whole new messy world is opening up where we need to set some rules and stick to them. As a team!!


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