Cough Cough

Joel began to cough yesterday.

It carried on through the night.  Yawn.

He wasn’t too bad, he seemed to be able to sleep through it and just woke up twice, drank a load of water and went back to sleep.

He doesn’t have a temperature, he seems happy enough in himself, albeit a little tired due to the coughing through the night so I’ve taken him to nursery and they’ll ring me if he needs taking home.

I think it’s the end of the virus that’s plagued him over Easter.  Having googled it they say unless barky (croup) or whooping (whooping!) and temperature, it’s likely viral and to visit the Dr after 2 weeks of it.

So I’m not too worried.  I just feel sorry for him as he looks a bit sorry for himself.  And is noisy. And keeps coughing.  Which makes me feel as though I ought to worry.  Oh dear…..

Why is there not a cure that babies can take for coughs??  Poor things.


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