Joel has not been terribly well for a few days and we’re currently in Kent for Easter which has been worrying as routines are a bit out of sorts, he’s with different family and in a travel cot but to be fair to him he’s coped really well with it all!

He’s had an upset tummy for a few days and as much as I don’t want to starve my baby, I don’t think him eating is working as he’s continually got nasty nappies. We’ve cut out dairy today and he’s just had bread to see whether that helps. It could of course be teething but we’ve also had a rash to contend with that got us to an emergency dr’s on saturday too!

This morning we had a projectile vomiting incident and between courses of our easter sunday lunch we had the most explosive poop yet, (and this was after two poopy nappies at church this morning)!

I was aware of an odour so lifted him out of the high chair and realised my hand under his bottom was damp. Then my father in law exclaimed about some icky piles on the floor which I thought was due to the dog but no, it was joel’s poo falling out from down his leg! I recoiled from the smell and the horror of it and got steve to assist. I ran a bath, wendy cleaned the floor, steve removed Joel’s clothes and he was so upset poor thing.

It was everywhere. He was coated and this was the first time that this has happened to us so I was a bit sort of unprepared and panicky.
We had to flush his dungarees out in the toilet and soak him (the bath water was a nasty colour) and he then had a good rinse after a cuddle in between.

And then steve asked if he could take joel into the swimming pool!

He’s been cheery in himself though although not as energetic as normal which is to be expected I guess having not eaten normally for nearly a week.

I just want my baby to be fit and well again.
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