Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

Well I’ve done it!  I’m back at work officially.

(Ok, so I’m typing my blog from work, but it is 4pm and my head is too fuzzy to think about work things now!)

It’s been a good day all in all.  I’ve not cried.  I’ve tried to get my head around things here and emailed students, done a few light tasks and got confused over how things have changed work wise.  I’m an administrator at a University and take care of students on certain awards and have a new set of awards to get to grips with now.

Also, the doors here all have automatic opening things on them now, the bathrooms have automatic lights that switch on when you walk in, and the toilet paper seems to be better quality than when I left!

And it’s lovely and quiet being the Easter holidays so my phone hasn’t rung once, and I’ve not had to speak to any students or staff at all on work related matters!

Yesterday was a nice and quiet day.  I wanted to do something special with Joel so after a leisurely morning we walked up to Mum and Dads for lunch, then we all went out to Amerton Farm.

We had a look around the farm animals and I jumped when a huge horse stuck his head over the stable door which alarmed Joel and made him cry, which in turn made another baby cry which was a little bit funny!  Whether this spooked him I’m not sure, but he also cried when I showed him a huge pig!!  He didn’t mind the micro pigs, goats or chickens though!

We had an ice-cream from the farm shop and he tucked in to his once we’d minimised it, and broke the bottom of a cone off and put some ice-cream in it!

Nom Nom

Then we went on the steam train for a little ride around and he seemed to like that as well:

Standing by the engine

So the week isn’t too bad so far!  I have another two days in the office before we head to Kent for Easter and it’ll be a nice weekend to relax in I hope!  I’ll be taking my Kindle anyhow!  🙂

Also, I’m very excited because yesterday, Joel stood up on his own and clapped himself for doing so!  He stood up against the sofa, then let go and managed to balance for a short while then sat back down but he did it a few times!  I wonder whether he’ll be taking some steps in time for his birthday?!  His top toothy pegs are also both through and we’re just now waiting for them to come out fully!  His birthday pictures will be different with four gnashers!!  He keeps licking his gums and sticking his tongue out!  It must feel different to him to have teeth where there used to be none!


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