Strollin’, Strolling’, Strollin’

When I walk Joel to nursery they have a buggy storage area but Joel’s giant Rubix buggy takes up all the space as it’s not collapsible.  Plus it takes up the entire boot space in our car if we take it out anywhere.

So I’ve known that a collapsible stroller would be more sensible for going out and about with and having looked online decided that I wanted a Maclaren Techno XT.  I couldn’t find a bad review about it and they’re in the pricier side of strollers but with having been paid, I wanted to splurge on something so I did.

Yesterday I went to Mothercare and got a Techno XT in red.  I had thought about the Crown Blue colour but red is cheerful and gender neutral and in stock!

And it’s very smart looking for now anyway!

We trialled it this morning walking to nursery and Joel seemed very happy in it.  It feels sturdy enough, (not as sturdy as my Rubix of course but not wobbly like other strollers I’ve seen) and we zipped along in it after having fitted the straps to fit Joel.

The test will be fitting the rain cover and him napping in it but so far I’m very happy with it.  Oh, except when I got to nursery I couldn’t work out how to collapse it so left it taking up space anyway!  I’ll have to re-read the instruction manual!!


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