Back to Routine

This week has been quite a wipeout!

After Mother’s Day was spent holding a hot, sick baby, the rest of the week has been much of a likeness.  We’ve struggled with his temperature, kept him away from all his groups, he’s slept loads, not eaten much at all and tried get him over this virus but it’s been hard as I came down with it too!

On Monday my Mum came over to sit with him for the afternoon and I slept for three hours!!  I was running a fever too, having some very strange dreams and kept feeling ever so dizzy.  On Tuesday he perked up a little and my Dad came down in the afternoon as I was feeling worse and having a perkier baby was almost more difficult as he wanted entertaining!  Dad took him out in his buggy for a couple of hours and I relaxed, read and dozed.  On Tuesday night he went to my parents for the night so I could get a good night’s sleep but in the morning he was floppy and hot again.  We got into the dr’s to be be told once again it’s a virus, there’s nothing we can do.  Honestly, he’s been feeling poorly and virussy for days and I was fed up of feeling hot and dizzy and neither of us were eating a lot.  It’s been the worst poorly spell ever for us yet!

Thursday I kept him off nursery.  He got up at 6.15, downed a bottle of milk and went back to sleep in bed with Daddy till 8am.  Then he got up, refused breakfast, played for a little while and went back to bed till 11.30!  That’s a lot of napping.  I was determined to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine so off we went to town and did some mooching, and went to the park.  Joel enjoyed the swings and we sat in the grass and he liked that then he fell asleep in his buggy.  Again!!

I guess it was the first outing we’ve properly had all week and it made me think he needs to get back into his routine of doing stuff as with me feeling ill, I’m afraid he’s had CBeebies as a babysitter more this week than he’s ever had before.  And it’s driven me crazy.  I had no idea there were so many shows in the daytime.  I had to turn it off after an hour though.  We put a cd on instead for background noise and played with his balancing bugs and looked at books.  I’m sure kids love CBeebies but it felt as though it was trying to suffocate me!!

Today Joel has gone up to nursery and sat happily eating his breakfast there whilst I snuck out.  I warned them he may need extra naps but I’m hoping getting back to normal will mean he’s getting better still and with next week being my last one off, we can make the most of the time.  Although saying that, I guess I should be glad I was here to nurse and look after him whilst he’s been so poorly, as I’d hate to have been in work whilst he was ill so there is a silver lining after all.


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