Mother’s Day Sickness

My first Mother’s Day seemed to be a bit of a boo this year!

On Saturday we’d been over to Grantham to see friends and during the afternoon Joel began feeling hot and didn’t seem himself.

During the night he woke up a couple of times so ended up in bed with me with Steve taking the spare bed.  Then Sunday he was very hot, he felt like a little roasting man and we kept monitoring him with calpol and checking his temperature until it seemed it wasn’t working so we rushed him off to the emergency doctors where he got amoxycillin, ibuprofen and paracetamol to help work on his temperature.

I’d been cooking a roast chicken dinner for my mum and dad and left them to finish it off so we did get to sit down and eat, but Joel just wanted cuddles and was very listless all day.

The night was awful.  He couldn’t settle unless he was near me and during the night kept crawling onto me, flinging himself across me and sleeping so I didn’t sleep well at all.

However, looking down at this little man, tucked into my body with his little hand trying to cling onto me, my heart melted and I knew I’d do whatever it takes to help him sleep and get well which meant staying awake and holding him to soothe him.

I’ve been run down and exhausted today and feel that I need a mothers’ day mark two where we’re all healthy and well but Joel is getting better with the help of his medicines and I hope he’s over this virus in a day or two.  In the meantime, it’s cuddles on the sofa and lots of waybaloo to help him feel better.


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