Oh dear.  I’ve not blogged for what feels like ages.

Pretty much I’ve not been well, Steve’s not been well and Joel’s not been well either.  We’re catching the same lurgy that seems to be doing the rounds.  I think they all originate from Joel’s nursery to be honest!  There’s always something coming back with him now he’s going for full days on a thursday and a friday.

Joel isn’t too bad with it now.  He’s got a rattle in his chest that will be seen by a Dr tomorrow and my head is very woolley with popped ears and a chesty cough.

He’s rather brilliant at the moment.  He’s all about passing things back and forth.  He’ll pass us a toy, and we have to take it, smile and say thank you, then pass it back to him.  If it doesn’t go his way he gets cross!  In creche at Church this morning he was trying to play this game with a baby a month younger than him who was happy to take the toy, but didn’t quite grasp the concept of handing it back.  So he had to take it off her and try again.  It didn’t work properly for him but it was cute of them to be interacting so nicely!

What else did we do?  Steve was away for the weekend (and didn’t bother calling or texting at all on Saturday to see how we were so is in the dog house) so Joel and I went to the park again!  And we fed ducks and swung on swings.

And I helped Joel slide down the slide which he thought was marvellous!  He saw an older child playing on her own and he really seems to love watching other kids and it inspires him to try to do more!!

he’s also starting getting cars and vrooming them back and forth with noises which I guess he’s picked up at nursery as I’ve not played that game with him.  As a girl it’s never occurred to me to ‘vroom’ a car about so we got him a cheap one to play with at home as it’s still 6 weeks till his birthday.  I don’t see the point in making him wait for something when he can get the benefit now.

And baby is now sounding tired and bed ready so off I go……


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