Joel is quite simply besotted with his blankie.

On being lifted out of his cot now he insists on bringing it with him and cries if it’s left behind.

It’s always around somewhere even if he’s not playing with it at the present moment.  He’ll have stashed it up a corner and be able to grab it if the need arises.

He likes having it at nursery and holds onto it when he needs reassurance.  His photo is on the wall and a coat peg and blankie appears in both!

He sucks it, chews it, plays peekaboo with it, wipes it round his face.  He only has to see it, crawl to get it and he’ll roll on the floor whilst stroking it to his face with his thumb in.  It’s like instant sleepiness!

And it gets rather stinky, rather quickly.

I do have two.  I alternate them for regular washing.  He doesn’t seem to mind a clean one!  Yet….


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