Wonder Weeks

Joel has been rather hard work these past few days.  I was feeling rather despondent about it until I looked on the Babycentre forum and found that it wasn’t just me.   Lots of mums had suddenly lost their happy, playful babies and had them replaced with grizzly, unhappy, tantrummy ones instead.

There is a lot going on with Joel at the moment.  Every day he can suddenly do something new.  This week he’s begun pulling himself up to standing, standing with one hand touching the sofa, cruising along the chairs, gaining confidence in exploring and playing off on his own or with other babies, he can drink unaided from a cup on his own now, he’s stacking his cups away and can do all the shapes on his sorter with ease.

He’s begun sleeping through the night and I don’t even need to lift him at 10 to give him milk.  He’s not taking that much in the day at the moment but he’s eating well so it’s not too worrying.

He loves Oatibix for breakfast, and to change it up a bit sometimes he has toast and yoghurt instead.  He’s good with fruits and enjoys satsumas, bananas, pear and mango and grapes as snacks or breadsticks.  He loves cheese and eggs and baked beans which makes for quick and snacky meals.  He’s not too partial to a roast dinner with potato, veggies and meat but gobbles down pasta faster than I can put it in front of him, and home made bread with thick soup goes down a treat too!

I just hope this current grumpy phase goes by quickly.  I’m fed up of being bopped on the head, having my lips pulled and my glasses grabbed.  He thinks it’s funny but it’s hard getting him to learn what’s acceptable or not at the moment.  Especially when Steve rough and tumbles with him which essentially is teaching him it’s ok.  He was teaching him to box him round the head the other day!  I had to intervene and inform Steve that Joel would be boxing the babies at nursery this week and he could be the one to explain his behaviour if called in to see the staff.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day and we always start off bright and with Bounce and Rhyme to go to the morning at least should be enjoyable!!

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