A Sunny Day

Last night was different!

Steve and I went to a party!

And Joel had a night at Grandma and Grandads!!

And he slept through and didn’t cry once, and didn’t even seem to miss us!  Which I know is a good thing, and I’d not wish an upset Joel on anyone but a tiny weeny bit of me wishes he could have missed us a little.  But never mind.  I know that’s petty!

But I had fun!  I got to drink a couple of glasses of wine, chat to people and not worry about Joel and we got in about 1am!  I know, we should have made the most of sleeping time, but we were also making the most of freedom time!

This morning we had a viewer, and it seemed positive so fingers crossed this one is the buyer.  I guess we’ll find out after the weekend, but Mum and Dad came down yesterday to help with a bit of a tidy and clean up and I’d buy this house if it were me!!  It looks lovely today.

Steve and I then walked Izzy up to collect the car (we abandoned it last night!) and retrieve Joel so she had a good romp and run around but because the sun was shining and we were all in a good mood, we thought we’d treat her to another romp on Cannock Chase!

And Joel loved it too.  I put him in his rucksack, and we climbed a hill, Izzy made a friend, got to chase a ball and have a paddle, Joel ate a sandwich in the sunshine, and learnt that crawling on a steep hill means you tumble sideways down into Daddy’s arms!!

It’s been lovely!

Breezy sunshine

Casting tall shadows

One happy puppy

Can I go for a swim?!


Daddy and Izzy on top of the hill!

Sitting to dry the dog out!

Joel learning what gravity is!!

I hope you’ve had a marvellous weekend too and got a chance to enjoy this sunny day!

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