Party Planning

I’m having a lot of fun planning Joel’s party 🙂  After all, he’s only one once, and I know it’s more for me than him, but still, it’ll be a lovely family occasion with the weekend plans, and fun to have his baby friends enjoying a sensory party.

And these arrived today which have added to my excitement!

I’ve bought a giant cupcake mould to practise making a giant cupcake.  I have regular cupcakes and mini cupcakes to make for his tea party and maybe some jelly and ice-cream would be tasty too!!

The weekend plan is for Steve and I to take Joel to the sealife centre on his birthday (the Friday), and then he’ll have his party on the Saturday afternoon with baby friends for an hour or so, after that will be a family tea party whilst we have the hall as my house is so small.  On the Sunday as Steve’s family will be up for the whole weekend, we’ll go to church in the morning, have lunch out somewhere and then have a visit to Monkey Forest.  I think that will be a suitably fun filled weekend to entertain everybody.

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