Baby Play II

Ok, so we had the first ten games and some went down well with Joel more than others but it encouraged me to carry on and have a go at the next ten!

So here they are.  The fun things to do this week are:

11. – Scoop and Pour – let baby use tools to do things.  Sitting on a big sheet have some cups, spoons, bowls and dry cereals to scoop and pour.  Hide small toys for baby to find.

12. – What’s the Noise – baby may find it fun to work out where sounds come from.  try squeaking toys then hiding it.  try making noises from behind furniture to see if baby tries to follow the sounds.

13. – Other babies – encourage baby’s interest in other babies by pointing them out, and pictures of babies.

14. – Dancing time – bounce baby in time to music, try stamping feet and clapping in time.

15. – Make musical instruments.  use lentils in a bottle, saucepans and spoons and empty yoghurt pots.

16. – Give and take, say thank you as you take it, then offer back.  try asking for it and holding your hand out for it.  keep passing things back and forth.

17. – Horsey rides. Sit baby on your knee facing away and jiggle.  Use chanting rhymes for rhythm.

18. – Going to the playground.  Let baby watch bigger kids playing at the park. Try helping baby down a slide slowly, or push them in the swings.

19. – Bubble time.  Blow the bubbles around your baby so they can reach out and touch them.  Exclaim ‘pop’ when they burst.

20. – Unwrapping – try hiding objects under layers so baby can find them.

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