Nasty Nappies

Each time I deal with one of Joel’s nappies at the moment I’m preparing for the worst.

They have not been pleasant since he went onto solids but with being a bit poorly at the moment they have been the worst ever.

Each nappy I get, in my  mind, is the worst ever, that is until the next one which surpasses the previous one!  I get ready with a scented nappy bag to try and mask the odour, wipes already pulled out (at least three) to ensure I don’t have to try and get more out whilst only holding his legs up with one hand, sudocrem at hand in case of redness, two small toys to occupy his hands, and a new nappy all pulled out and ready to wear with a swift change.  It’s a bit of a military operation.   And then I have a big breath as I try not to breath too much as I tentatively open it to see the damage!

I know it’s not his fault, but I miss the easy breast milk nappies of yesteryear!!  Formula makes his nappies far more stinky.  Illness has given him a bit of an upset stomach.  You can imagine the rest!

And the little monkey loves it, thinks it’s playtime and wants to roll over, grab his bits, kick about and generally scoot off the mat as soon as possible.  And he’s fast now when he wants to be, and surprisingly strong for a baby!

Fun times.


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