Poorly Baby

After he came down with his temperature on Wednesday evening, he seemed in bright enough spirits yesterday for the better part of the day, until late afternoon when it all got a bit much and he was miserable again.  He was dosed up on calpol to keep his temperature under control but he was still over 37 for much of the day.

Then before bed, I noticed a little spot on the back of his left hand but didn’t think much of it as I’d put his temperature down to teething along with his extra drool at the moment and not letting me in his mouth to check.

Until this morning when I noticed a couple more spots on his bum, and a cluster at the top of his leg.

Could it be chicken pox?!!

This morning he was due at nursery for his first induction session so I rang them up to explain I’d found some spots on him, he’d been ill with a temperature and after having had two disturbed nights I wasn’t sure about him going into a room of babies.  The manager was very nice and reassuring and said I could take him along and she’d have a look in the first instance, as I needed to drop my forms and deposit off anyhow, and Joel likes a morning stroll so off we set.

She’d also said that feet were the first places to find spots for chicken pox and hand foot and mouth, and I’d not found any there, so wasn’t too worried.

When we got to the nursery we took his socks off and suddenly, there was a big spot on his heel and a number of little spots across the top of his feet which had not been there thirty minutes ago.  We decided not to let him meet the babies, and I handed the forms and money over, and we booked his induction for next Thursday instead.

So off we walked, and I rang the doctors straight away who had an appointment in thirty minutes time, so from the University we walked into town and got straight in to see dishy Dr Hodgkinson (who’d made the nice comment about Joel being a handsome chap previously so we like him!!) and he was intrigued by Joel’s symptoms but said it wasn’t chicken pox or hand foot and mouth.

It was a non-specific virus which has caused spots on him and he is likely contagious but should feel better after the weekend.

He’s not really eaten well since Wednesday lunchtime when he munched down three chicken legs (I took the meat off the bone, don’t worry!!) and a bread roll but has had some banana today and a bit of bread and some blueberries.  He’s happy to drink water when I offer it from my glass and dinner times are pretty much just a bit milk at the moment.

At the moment he’s rolling around the floor clutching a wooden spoon and singing to it loudly so I’m not too worried that he’s feeling ill in himself anymore but he’s more tired than normal so I’ll try putting him down for a nap shortly.

Aand maybe I’ll try to catch a doze too because I’ve been up in the nights with him so it’s taking its toll on me as well!



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