Playing is a Busy Thing

It’s nice to be home, and it’s nice for Joel to play with the toys he got on Christmas Day that he had to then abandon for four days as we couldn’t really be taking them all down to Exeter with us.

His face lit up when he saw his choo choo train which was lovely.  I’m so glad I swayed to his demands and bought it for him.  It’s certainly a favourite and he giggles with glee as I set it off and it moves past him with it’s little song!  He then pulls all the animals out and turns it over, but he’ll grow to use it properly I’m sure!

He seems to like the Lamaze fishbowl, and is good at removing the fish, and we’ll work on the putting things ‘in’ as well.  Not sure when this concept will take root, but at the moment, pulling things out is lots of fun.

Mummy’s phone captures his attention!

And the Puppy Pal Violet is one of my favourites!  Joel seems interested when the toy starts shouting ‘Hi Joel, come and play with me’ as this morning I’ve programmed her to know his name, his favourite songs, animal (for want of knowing I put down giraffe), colour purple (why not?!) and food (bananas are a current favourite).  So she sings a song about purple giraffes who eat bananas called Joel!!  It’s very clever.  She’s very soft and cute with a light up collar.

I’m glad we’re not swamped in toys.  the house couldn’t cope with it.  The biggest toy he got was the VTech ride on rocker that Mum and Dad bought him.  He sits on it feeling awfully clever but we have to keep a hand out in case he lunges sideways but he hasn’t done as yet.  It’s got a little computer screen that fascinates him and sings lots of songs and has a gear stick the same as his little VTech driver so he knows what to do with it.

I’m thinking I will have to sort through his toys and relocate some to his bedroom for a rotation else it’s just going to be a bit crazy down here.  That’ll be a job for another day though.  It’s Christmas and it’s nice to see him happy and surrounded by new things!!


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