Christmas Eve

I’m sat up waiting for Steve to get back from the pub.  I sort of made him go out after an argument where he told me I don’t let him have fun anymore as for New Years Eve he wants to play zombie shooting computer games with his friend and drink himself silly till 3am.  We’re meant to be going to Wales for the day on New Years Day so I didn’t think this was a very good idea and thus the argument grew.  I still feel as though he’s manipulated me rather, as he’s gone out (again for the 3rd or 4th time this week) and I’ve stayed in to wash up, set the table for lunch tomorrow and make the bread sauce.

Oh well.  I didn’t want to go out myself, but I had visions of snuggling on the sofa with a mulled wine watching It’s a Wonderful Life and feeling relaxed and that’s not going to happen now.  It’s 11pm and I’m very tired so whether I stay up for Steve’s return is debatable.

Hey Ho.  At least tomorrow should all go to plan now I hope.  I spent all day getting ready, and peeling the veg and tidying the house.  I gave Steve a very short list of jobs to do, so he went to bed for a nap so I ended doing them as well as I’d only have been stressed otherwise and I wasn’t going to leave them until tomorrow.  tomorrow is for fun, family and food and church in the morning then relaxing.  I don’t intend to wash up tomorrow at all.  That will be Steve’s job.

The carol service was lovely.  Joel was in his Christmas sleepsuit and managed half the service.  He then realised it was 7pm, he wasn’t at home and therefore would grizzle.  Mum decided to take him home (she’d done her bible reading) and afterwards, we walked into their house expecting to find a sleeping baby, and there he was, manically waving, and kicking and having a wail of a time having scoffed a banana and a pancake and with tons of energy!!  Mum thinks he just found the service a bit boring!!  Hee hee!  I enjoyed it a lot though.  I always do.

Joel has been very good today as well.  He’s eaten well, slept well and played well.  He enjoyed houmus and grated carrot sandwiches for lunch today, then blueberries and cucumber sticks.  He’s funny as he definitely has preferences.  If you put a blueberry and sandwich in front of him at once, he’ll eat the blueberry first.  Then he may come back to the sandwich a little while later!  I wouldn’t like to mix my courses like that but I guess it’s all a bit of exploration for him.  He’s enjoying being able to experiment with his food and he loves feeling it all and tasting it a little bit before putting it in his mouth.

I shall enjoy seeing what he makes of Christmas dinner tomorrow.   The bits he can have at any rate.


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