Humpty Dumpty

I can’t believe I forgot to report that I fell down the stairs on Tuesday night.  with Joel.  Or was it Monday.  I can’t honestly remember.  All I know is that I was nearly at the bottom of my very very steep stairs, and I’m always so careful, (since the last time I fell was the first day of my maternity leave!).

Anyway, I was holding Joel on my left side, and my feet went from under me.  Next thing I know Joel is on top of me, I’d subconiously twisted to my right and he wasn’t hurt at all, but I was hurting all over.

He squawked, and then did his holding breath for a giant cry thing, and I was crying with the shock and the pain of it all.

We’re ok though.  I kept him safe and took the brunt of it myself.

And now I’m extra extra careful.  Poor baby.


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