Beans are tricky things because they’re small and fall down the side of the high chair.

In fact, Joel has eaten rather well today.  I’ve realised he’s not coughed, wheezed or even sneezed today which is great!  He’s all better from his cold and it took two weeks.  We had a fully sodden nappy this morning for the first time in ages, as he’s been rather dry the past couple of weeks.

For dinner, I made him a frittata.  I cooked leeks, chicken, grated potato, added peas, then stirred in beaten eggs to cover it all, some grated cheese and cooked it all through to a solid omelette sort of thing.  Then cut it into little chunks when cooled and put in front of Joel.  He ate it all.  Then he had half a hot cross bun, lots of sips of water, and some fruit.  I was most pleased!  He’s had a good day on the food front!  I just wish I could get him to eat a piece of brocolli again, he seemed to like it the first time but now all vegetables have to be disguised in either pancakes, sandwiches or in omelette form!!

He likes his fried foods!


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