Rejected and thus Dejected

My appeal has been turned down and thus that’s the end of it for me.  I don’t intend to go down the grievance route as that’s not what this has been about and Joel will start going to nursery for one day a week from February to get him used to it.  He’ll have mornings from January as a sort of trial.

I hadn’t felt that it would go my way and having it confirmed has just meant I know for sure now and can plan accordingly.  My initial thoughts are that I can apply again in August and would not envisage being turned down a second time with their main reasoning being the timing of the application.  If I were off until April having taken four weeks leave at the end of March when my maternity is over it would mean I’d have to work four months full time.  I may make until his first birthday being off with him.  I’ll miss having any money!  But I love the fact I’ll get the whole year with him.

I’ll also keep an eye out for other positions at the Uni in the meantime.

And looking at positives to report to counteract the gloom of the post this morning I’m happy to let the world know Joel is now doing a little wave when you say ‘hi’ and wave at him!!    And he’s now wearing 9-12 tops. I think he has a long body or something!!  Trousers are too big for him still!

I made him sweetcorn pancakes for tea but he’s not too bothered about them tonight!  he’s loved them on the last two occasion, I wonder whether he knew I’d sneaked a bit of grated courgette in there as an extra vegetable?!  He did munch some banana, fruit puree and a yoghurt and had a good lunch of chicken, bread and cheese so I guess that’s carbs and protein and all.    I might try him with bolognese again tomorrow and just let him get stuck into it with a full on bib on!

Anyway, that’s one for the managers and none to me.  Not that I’ll be keeping tabs.  Grr,


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