One Week….

Until Joel’s first Christmas!

I’m very excited!

On Christmas Eve we’re going to dress him in his Christmas sleepsuit, then head out to a carols by Candlelight service at our church. I’m singing in it so Steve will have to keep Joel good for an hour!  If I can get him to nap in  the afternoon though he should be ok to last an extra hour up.  I think it’ll be lovely having him there.

Then the next morning, we’ll get up when Joel wakes, and bring him into bed with us to open his presents!  Steve will have his camera for it, and we’ll have breakfast.

Then we’ll head to church for 10am, and see all those folks and Joel has a cute outfit to wear then as well.  I got confused with regards his monthage, and got a 9-12 but to be honest, he’ll wear it again, so a 6-9 would have been wasteful.

After church we’ll come home and my parents will come over and play with Joel whilst I prepare lunch.  Well, I say lunch, we’ll eat together around 3-4ish!  We’ll have some canapes to keep us going in the meantime, and my sister Amy and brother in law Karl will arrive for food about 3 too, and hopefully, Joel will be up to eat turkey and potatoes with us as well!

It’s the first time I’ve hosted Christmas here.  I’ve cooked a Christmas dinner lots of times before but at my parents house, but with it being Joel’s Christmas, possibly our last one here with the house being on the market it felt right to stay here this year!

We’ve been watching the Muppet Christmas Carol already, and may have to put It’s a Wonderful Life on tomorrow afternoon!  We watched Mary Poppins last week.  I say we, but Joel isn’t that bothered by TV at all.  He likes the Disney opening bit with the castle and all, but toys are much more fun so it’s more background noise!

Oh, and I forgot to say Joel has his stocking now as well.  He’ll have a ball, some bubbles and a teddy in that.  Minimal stuff but more for us than him!!

7 sleeps to go!!


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