The last time I gave Joel some baked potato he seemed to love it and ate quite a big half in chunks!

So today at lunchtime I gave him some baked potato again, having cooked him a spare one for leftovers as me and steve had them the previous night.

And in went a chunk, and ‘bleurgh’ out it came again, pushed out by his tongue with such a look of disgust!  I don’t understand how one time babies can love something, and hate it the next time!

Anyway, for dinner, I fried a bit more of the leftover potato, and hid it in a cheesy omlette, and down it went very happily.  I just gave him little squares of the omlette and he fed himself quite happily.  I also cooked some peas and he kept popping them in his mouth like sweets!  Maybe he thought they were green blueberries as he adores blueberries.

But this child certainly has a penchant for fried foods.  Maybe I ought to worry about more about that.  For now, I’m just glad he had his carbs, protein and a green vegetable, (do peas count as a green vegetable?


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