Professional Photo

Steve is very good with his posh pics of Joel and I love each one he does, but there’s something special about having someone impartial take it!!

At our mums and toddlers group, they had a photographer along on a Tuesday and we were invited to go for a picture!  So I put Joel in his cute red and blue stripey top, and jeans with red lining and off we went.  He fell asleep at the wrong time and I had to wake him but he was cheerful for the five important minutes!

The photographer was a woman which I was glad about as he’d have cried had it been a man and she asked whether he could sit up or not.

I hesitated as he’d not sat on his own yet really, with cushions he lasted about 5 seconds!  So tentativley I sat him on the white background and had a hovering hand on standby but to my amazement, he sat there for about four minutes whilst she snapped a few pictures.   I had to explain he has his dad’s problem of blinking at flashes so it’s hard to get an open eyed picture but she managed it!!

And it’s so cute.  He’s sitting, he’s smiling, he’s got his eyes open and he has bare feet (an aesthetic thing!!) so I’m really chuffed with it.  It’ll be a nice Christmas present for his grandparents this year!  From him of course!


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