Night Weaning

I decided to see how we went for a night without a 10pm feed as the past few nights he’s not seemed to want much at that time.

And to my surprise he slept from 7pm to 6.15!  Then he had a feed from me, and went back to sleep till 9am!  Brilliant!

The next night he slept till 7am and it seems that 6ish means an early feed and back to sleep, and 7ish means feed and getting up to play!

Last night was a bit different as at 10.30pm Steve came to bed and let out a huge and noisy sneeze, and with baited breath we waited and sure enough ‘waaah’ came from Joel’s nursery!  Cuddles and a sip of water didn’t pacify him, it was nursing he wanted to get back to sleep but it took ages.

So I guess we’ll see how things go this evening.  He’s been having a better feed at 7pm which I think helps him to stock up so to speak through the night.

And with night weaning, if it continues to go well we may see a return of ‘Aunt Flo’ as it’s called on the babycentre forum!!  I’ve gone 18 months now without a period and although it’s saving money on the essentials it makes me laugh as I stocked up before VAT went up last year and I’ve not got to use any yet!!


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