I’ve felt as though the world is a bit against me at the moment and there are a lot of battles going on.

1 – Pacapod

I loved my pacapod nappy bag which was a present last Christmas from my sister, but the lining had come away and it was getting beyond a joke.  So I contacted them and without proof of purchase they wouldn’t do anything.   I didn’t have the receipt, my sister thought she’s given it to me last year (but having had a baby that time is rather hazy and it’s lost) but they suggested that I try Mothercare as that’s where it was purchased (no luck there either) and they then suggested I take it to a Timpsons to get it fixed which they said I couldn’t do.

I got cross and then sent them the bag back with a note to say there was no point me keeping as it was beyond use and couldn’t be repaired.

And voila!  A new bag in the post from them which has pleased me!

2 – Tesco

I went onto the clubcard website after reading from Martin Lewis that you could seach for your lost Tesco clubcard points.  I had £33!!!!  Which if I acted promptly I could double up to £66 to spend on Christmas presents which is no laughing matter when on maternity leave!  I wanted to buy Steve a present that wasn’t with his own money!

So I went online to do my vouchers and the website crashed losing my points somewhere in the ether.  After queueing on the phone for ages I managed to get a man to put them back so I didn’t lose my money.  He told me to try again shortly so I did and the same thing happened again.  My points went into some pending place and my vouchers were no longer valid.  After another long phone call, I managed to get them set back again and this time went in person to Tesco to get them myself, which I did this morning and had a happy Christmas shop.

3 – Work

I have my hearing on the 14th December.  It sounds very formal and scary, and off putting and I can see now why some folk don’t go ahead with it.  I’m trying to think about my argument and putting my case together but the more I think about it, the less I sleep.  I’m not looking forward to that at all.  Sigh.  It’s got to be done though.  I can’t go back to work full time.  I need Joel and he needs me.  Hopefully this one will follow the way of my two previous battles!


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