A is for Attitude

I think we’re beginning to get our first little bouts of baby tantrums!  He is starting to learn what he likes and wants!  And in his little baby world he doesn’t know what ‘no’ means yet, and it’s interesting to see what he’s making of life now and how I respond to him to help him learn.

On Wednesday we were at our singing group and having played with a maraca for the duration of the musical instrument segment Joel dropped it on the floor and another kiddy snapped it up and ran off with it.  Normally Joel wouldn’t react and would just look around for something else to do or look at, but this time he watched this other kid disappear with the toy he’d been playing with and he began to cry.  Then howl.  I’ve not seen anything like it!  He really wanted that maraca back!

Then later that afternoon!  He grabbed the tv remote control, and was having a good chew on the end of it, and dropped it.  I noticed that the tv box said ‘999’ so was glad it wasn’t the phone he’d got hold of!  Anyway, I hid it under a cushion as I’m trying to keep them out of his reach and again, he realised it’d been removed and got very grumpy indeed and began to properly cry again, with tears and everything! Time again for distractions….!

At mealtimes the challenge has begun to get food into his mouth!  He happily chews things up and is beginning to reject his purees for proper food so is having leftovers of our meals all cooked without salt!  He had chicken casserole for lunch, and sandwiches and cheese sticks for tea.  Distraction is a brilliant tool, but every trick I try, the next day, he remembers it and that one doesn’t work any more.

He’s a clever little boy!


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