Holidays with a Baby

It makes for a different sort of holiday!  Your time is still not your own.  There are no lie ins, and the amount of stuff you have to take is the same as for 4 days or 2 weeks!

You have travel cots and different meal times to contend with, and there’s no way you can do home made food when staying in a hotel.

Luckily for us, Joel was really easy going and each night we were there, the better he slept.

He took to sucking the puree out of the Plum and Ella’s Kitchen pouches, with fresh banana and bits of bread and teacakes for finger food, and I had taken some yoghurts for him as well.

In fact, since we’ve been back, he’s not been pooping at 6am anymore which is helpful as he’s sleeping in for a bit longer of a morning!  And he’s been eating my home cooking with added gusto as well which is nice!

We managed our days out around his routine and nap times and he napped in his buggy at lunch times, and we were usually in the hotel for his morning nap, and sometimes his afternoon nap.

We found it so relaxing just watching films and playing with him, and he loved having us both just sitting on the bed with him and playing with him.  It was wonderful.

I guess the next time won’t be so easy once he’s on the move and needs more entertainment!


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