Guns Blazing…

I’ve been angry today.  and I’m not an angry person in general.  But the more I think about work, and their out and out rejection the more angry I get.  I have no doubt that had my manager been supportive, the outcome would have been different.  Had I not got the days I preferred, or been put in a different job I wouldn’t have minded, but to have them just say no, when they’re meant to be a family friendly institution is outrageous.  And ergo, I will appeal.

In the meantime, I will have to put off going back to work as childcare will be an issue.  Joel can go to nursery from February on a Friday, and then from April he can have a Wednesday so if I took till the 28th March on maternity, then added some holiday onto that, we could get to April which would mean my parents would have him two days a week, and if I can have the four day weeks for six weeks, I’d have him on a Monday, then possibly my mother in law would have him on a Monday (we’ve not spoken yet about this but she’s said she will help out where she can and it’s an option) so I’m feeling a little calmer that he’ll be ok although full time work will make me miserable and stressed.  I do not believe you can work full time, look after a baby and a house all at once.  It’s too much.

So I now have 14 days to put a case together.  I shall email personnel for advice in the first instance about my maternity dates then put pen to paper (or keyboard to laptop?!) and do a draft.

I just can’t believe they said no.


2 thoughts on “Guns Blazing…

  1. I'm not currently in my union (costs etc..) but they have given me reasons which I'll broach in my appeal letter. That will go straight to the personnel manager so I'll just have to see what happens then. Feeling slightly calmer now I have a plan! Thanks for the comments! 🙂


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