Buggy Bits

A lot of what you buy for a baby isn't always that great. There's a lot on the market that is just for gullible folk to take their money (and hands up, that's me!) But I have to say these two buggy bits have been a great buy.

I knew that parasols were pretty and also fathy as you try and deduce which angle the sun will come in at so this sun shield cover has been brilliant! It means Joel doesn't lose visibility of the world passing by but it keeps bright sun out of his eyes! I just wish I'd got this earlier in the summer rather than using a muslin to shield him!

The other useful bit is my buggy tidy which is a hanging hold all to put things in you need readile, like tissues, lip balm, a door key! And it holds two bottles to keep a drink handy!

Other great purchases have been his Lamaze toys, Freddie was the favourite until the Knot arrived! And Sophie La Giraffe is new but he's loving grawing his sore gums on her legs.

Sleeping bags have been ace, he's a wiggling blanket kicker offer so I know he'll stay snug and warm in that, and I have the Gro-thermometer which let's me know at a glance how warm the room is. Granted the red warning colour stresses me but I still think it's great.

There's more but my thumbs are aching from my blackberry!

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