Up In The Night

Well, I don’t think I can really complain as I know a lot of babies suffer a lot more with teething, and we’ve not really had it bad so far, but last night Joel was up at 2am with his teeth and couldn’t settle back to sleep 😦  So into the spare bed we got and he was grizzly and gnawing on his hands poor thing, so I gave a sachet of teething powders, and he had a teething toy to gnosh on and we must have dropped off as it was suddenly ten past five and he was fast asleep and didn’t even stir when I carefully transferred him back to his cot.

He then slept in till nearly eight o’clock this morning!!

And I was expecting to see a full tooth through but its still just the nubbin at the moment so this could be a nighttime pattern for a bit I guess!

I know the little dude can’t help it, and I just feel glad I’m able to comfort him in the night but I do wish it didn’t leave me feeling dreadful the next day!  Is this a 30+ thing?  If I were younger would I be able to cope with the disturbed nights more?

Anyway, he’s having a nap so I think I shall attempt to close my eyes as well for a bit and see what happens!


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