On One’s Feet

It seems that we’re are getting over our illness and today is a bit better!

Joel has slept very well for a second night running and although it feels like the middle of the night when he’s waking in up, it’s in fact 7am and just getting darker outside!!

I’ve been hungry for the first time in ages and eaten a good amount of food today which will hopefully make me feel as though my milk will be ok.  I’ve not been expressing for a few days as I just couldn’t be bothered with it which has made me question whether I’ll continue to do so or introduce some formula milk now or at least after Christmas.  I don’t know really what to do there.  I think i’ll need to be persuaded rather heavily to try and express as much as would be needed for day to day use, although I’ll continue with morning and evening as long as he wants.

Still no word from work as to whether I can go part time and have the second half of the week or not.  I do need to get it finalised as the nursery Joel is down for only has one day (Friday) available for him as they didn’t have a record of me submitting him full time for the waiting list, only the first form I submitted not realising 😦  I’m trying to not stress too much as it’s not the end of the world and my Mum and Dad will help things work out as they’re wonderful like that, but still, I’d rather get it right first time!  If work agree to my request then all will be hunky dory but if not, well, let’s not think negatively!

Meal have been going ok this week.  I’m trying to sit him in his high chair now in the dining room rather than the bouncy chair in the lounge but as he’s eating earlier than my meal times we’re not yet co-ordinated to eat together although I could do breakfast i guess!  He probably wouldn’t be patient enough if I were feeding him and myself though!  He likes his porridge spoons frequent and gets cross if I’m too slow!

And that’s our Monday so far… he’s napping at the moment.  I could crash out if I let myself but then wouldn’t probably sleep well tonight.  Oh bed, how I love thee!


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