Lurgy House

I have to say that having a baby to look after whilst being ill is rather hard and not any fun at all!

This past couple of days Steve and I have come down with a bit of a nasty virus which has left us both running for the loo and feeling flat out with temperatures and sweats and needing to rest and sleep.  Steve has been coping with work and yesterday my Mum took Joel away for a few hours (the longest time we’ve been apart yet) so I could sleep and rest.  I felt rather chronic and couldn’t keep food in and was glad of the opportunity to rest up but missed Joel terribly!

Today Joel seems to have a bit of it himself and we had three poopy nappies within 1 hour and he’s had a good lot of sleep so far.  On the plus side we’ve started stage two of weaning so he’s had a lovely lunch of carrot, onion, potato and sweetcorn!  I fried the onion and carrot to start with then added water to the potato and corn (salt free) and he ate his whole portion!  Nothing else has come through as yet so maybe it was just a one off?

I’ll also give him some dinner, possibly baby rice with a bit of fruit puree around 5pm and hope that his night is better again as last night he was up at 1 and 5 again.

And just to cheer me up here’s a few cute new photos:

Learning to sit up

Grooving a Mohican

Sitting with his cushion

Wanting to chew my phone!

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