Swim Baby

We ended up having quite a fun packed day!  The key word being ‘packed’.

I decided to try and get Joel to take just two naps rather than the three he normally likes in the hope that he’d sleep better as since extra food hasn’t helped too much so I felt that it could be that he’s sleeping too much in the day and to add to his energy levels we went swimming in the afternoon and he was in the water for 40 minutes having fun!

He was shattered from it and ended up going to bed at 6.30, sleeping for two hours then waking for a feed at 8.30 and going through till 4am!!  He has also had some good milk feeds today which has helped me not worry so much about his milk intake today and we’re getting through some good solid feeds as well!

He’s had quite a busy day today as well with mums and toddlers this morning, a trip to my workplace to return maternity clothes to friends, then lunch and a small nap at home, then a visit to my friend Julie’s and her baby Owen, then shopping to Boots briefly!

After all that he ate a bit more, and bounced in his jumperoo a lot, and finally crashed out in his cot at 6.40 after only two naps again!  I’m still waiting to see whether he’s going to want another feed shortly as he did have a lot of milk feeds today including 3 expressed ounces from a bottle that he thought was most funny to drink from!


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