Sunniest October Ever!

Today is October and my Gro thermometer is on red which means Joel’s nursery is too hot!  It feels like it should be July and our weather is all wrong at the moment.  No offence to the nice sunny days, but I’m ready for that crisp chill in the air, to match the fact the trees are beautiful autumnal colours and I want to think about woolly jumpers and hats, scarves and gloves!  No chance of that today!  Shorts and vests all the way.  And with Joel now in 6-9 month clothes, I’ve been stressing as his new size are all winter collection!!  I didn’t buy him anything summery as it’s not meant to be summery!  We had two rompers he’d been given which have been a godsend, and one t-shirt set I got in the sale so he’s been wearing them and they’ve been going straight in the wash covered in purees at the end of the day!!

I’ve started mixing his flavours meaning he gets two cubes and he’s getting through it so he must be a hungry boy!  He’s had butternut squash with apple, sweet potato with parsnip and today he had carrot with pear.  I think I need to start introducing new flavours now as well like courgette and cauliflower!  He’s also started sleeping a bit longer, last night was 9.30 – 4.45am and the night before was 5.30am!

Today it was lovely, so we went along to a food fayre in Stone.  It was too hot to enjoy being out and about!!  We saw lots of lovely food stalls, and demonstrations, and then went round the farmers market also going on there.  We’ve never seen Stone so busy!

Right, I’m off to check my weaning guide!!


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