Everyone’s told me how their baby loved pear the most with it’s smooth texture and exceedingly sweet flavour and yep, Joel was no exception!

he LOVED pear!  He kicked his feet about with excitement and anticipation of each spoon and beamed happily during the munching!  He also thought his cup was very interesting and that the rubber nozzle made for a fun chew teether so I took the valve out as he wasn’t sucking it, and introduced him to the fact he could get breast milk from it!  So I ended up tipping up sips into his mouth which he then either drank or allowed to dribble out depending on his mood that moment!

So he had a good lunch with not too bad a drink with it.

He also seems to be going down to two naps a day at the moment.  Whereas he’d wake at 7, nap at 9, wake at 10, nap at 12, wake at 2 and then nap at 4, wake at 5 and go to bed at 7, (nice and structured!!) he now wakes at 7, naps at 10.30, wakes at 11.30, naps at 2.30, wakes at 3.30 and goes through till bed time most days with the occasional 20 minutes at 5 if it’s been a particulalry tiring day.

Just have to find more things to do in those awake moments!  More walks, more singing, more rolling practise!!


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