Potato – nope! Parsnip

Today was meant to be potato.  Turned out I’d eaten them all (not me on my own of course) and had not saved one.

Rather than panicking that I wasn’t following ‘the plan’ I decided to be sensible and use one of my frozen cubes from the freezer and decided that parsnip was the same colour as potato and sweeter and therefore probably more in favour by the little man.

So parsnip it was!  With a little breast milk added to smooth it out as well.  (The expressing seems to be going well.  I’m getting a bit more every day and tomorrow he’ll be trying to drink some from his cup as well!)

And he really seemed to like it again!  He seems to prefer the root vegetable smooth texture to the slightly grainy apple texture, and the fact it was sweet helped too!

So disaster averted and potato will have to wait till next week when I’ve bought some!  🙂


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