5 Months Old!

My darling little baby is getting to be a rather big baby!

So much has been changing this past month, namely rolling, weaning and teething.

He began rolling from his tummy to his back three days ago, so at 21 weeks.  He’s never particuarly enjoyed tummy time and so now he’s thrilled he can just flip himself over and shows no aspirations at all to go back to his tummy at all!  Sometimes he’ll stretch out to try and reach a toy or Izzy, and I think that it’ll be the moment he goes over, but no, he’d rather stay on his back than quite reach the toy!!

We began weaning last week with baby rice which he gobbled up, probably because it tastes the same as he’s used to, and he loved having it from a spoon and we began vegetables on Sunday which seem to be going down ok, but no day has been as popular yet as Sundays carrots!  Butternut squash was met with a bit of puzzlement (not as sweet I guess) and apple, I think he found the texture a bit strange but he seemed to like the flavour and kicked his feet in excitement with each spoonful.

With regards his teeth, we met a little lad at mums and toddlers today with proper rosy cheeks which has made me realise what I thought were red cheeks on Joel are nothing like it really!  So I guess we have a bit longer to wait, although the health visitor did last week comment that his gums look as though some teeth are getting ready.  I do hope these first ones are soon as he’s feeling pain with them in the evenings once he’s gone to bed and woke 5 times one evening with painful cries.

Aside from that, we’re finding some 3-6 clothes on the tight side now, and he’s been in some 6-9 tops already!!  We’ve got all his new stuff ready in a drawer for sorting through and with the winter months his grandma and granny are knitting away to keep him warm!

He really is a true delight of a baby.  He gives giggles with gusto now when he likes a funny face or gets a tickle.  He loves the anticipation of ’round and round the garden’ when it’s done on his hand, or tummy.  He’s not too bad at sitting if he remains still but once he leans, over he goes.  It won’t be long before he’s sitting.

His joyous smiles of greeting first thing in the morning make my day, and his little hand clasping my finger at his night time feeds melts my heart.  I love that he’s growing up, but also that he’s still my baby


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